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Skidmore Script Gets Ink

Skidmore Script (Fall, 2002) featured an article reviewing Ohio’s new anti-terrorism statute. The article was accepted for publication in the January/February 2003 edition of Ohio Lawyer, which has a circulation of 28,000. “I was pretty excited about the article being printed because we all worked so hard to provide a polished product for our first newsletter. It is nice to know that the article had a broader appeal, which is a testament to the quality of legal writing that we all aspire to achieve,” said Eric Skidmore. “ I had fun with the article because I wrote it at home at our kitchen table with Nerf balls whizzing by my head and in between giving my son noogies,” Skidmore stated. The cover of Ohio Lawyer is displayed herein with written permission. Copyright 2003 by the Ohio State Bar Association. All rights reserved.