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S&A Contributes to Kids with Disabilities

Herberich Primary School (Bath, Ohio) provides academic and scholastic services to students from preschool through fourth grade. Students with special needs are included in the student body at Herberich. Some of these students have developmental delays attributable to autism, orthopedic handicaps, cerebral palsy, speech and language delays and sensory-integrative dysfunction.

Sarah Skidmore, four-year old granddaughter of Archie W. Skidmore, was diagnosed in 1999 with slight hypotonic cerebral palsy (muscle weakness). She is currently enrolled in preschool classes at Herberich. Sarah is benefiting from the physical, occupational and speech therapy provided by a professional and well-trained staff. In early 2003, Principal Judy A. White and Beth Kasper (Teacher of the Multiple Disabled) submitted a grant request for a special project to build a new play area that would be accessible to regular students and multiple-handicapped students. Skidmore & Associates contributed to the grant. “Donating to this cause just seemed like the natural thing to do. Other children with special needs will also benefit from the project,” said Archie W. Skidmore. “I have gleefully witnessed Sarah’s improved confidence, stamina, stability and ambulation, which are directly related to her experiences at Herberich…she is very proud of her new skills and displays them with enthusiasm at our family gatherings,” Archie added. The donation was accepted at the Board of Education meeting on April 22, 2003. Contributions from other donors and the PTA helped fund the project, which is scheduled for completion in August 2003.