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Skidmore & Associates Relocates

The law firm of Skidmore & Associates relocated its office from the Key Building to the National City Center (Cascade One) on Friday, May 10, 2003. It was a move of family and firm. “Of my nearly fifty years of practice I spent over thirty-five years in the Key Building. I have many fond memories,” said Archie W. Skidmore.

Archie W. Skidmore first came to the Key Building in the late 1960’s (then the Centran Building) as a partner in the law firm of Schwab, Sager, Grossenbaugh, Skidmore, Nukes & Rothal Co., L.P.A. At that time, the law offices were located on the 8th floor. The firm moved its offices to the 11th floor in the late 1970’s (then the Society Building) where it remained until recently. The new offices are located across the street on the 12th floor of the National City Center where the space has been newly refurbished from floor to ceiling. The new address of Skidmore & Associates is National City Center, One Cascade Plaza, 12th Floor, Akron, Ohio 44308.

From left to right: Brian K. Skidmore and Archie W. Skidmore survey the offices under construction (on left) and upon completion (on right).