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Skidmore & Associates’ Second Year Sponsoring Copley-Fairlawn Youth Athletics

“Growing up in the Akron area, my brothers and I played basketball, baseball and football in the local youth athletic associations,” said Brian K. Skidmore. “I believe youth athletics provided me with a good work ethic and discipline...that is why we chose to play proactive rolls in local youth athletic association,” he added.

Skidmore & Associates will be sponsoring a T-ball team in the Copley-Fairlawn Athletic Association this summer. The team is the CAA “Red Sox” consisting of approximately 11-12 girls and boys and boys ages 6 and 7. Eric Skidmore will assist coaches Kim and Shawn Gorman. “Anytime I communicate with children, it is a gratifying experience,” said Eric Skidmore. “Kim, Shawn and I reflect upon our own experiences to provide instruction to these youngsters...we believe in a high coach-to-player ratio to obtain and keep their attention,” he added.


Each youth will be taught the proper way to hold and swing a bat; base running and the mechanics of playing each position in the infield and outfield. As sponsor, we reinforce this learning process, by taking the players and their families to Little League Night with the Akron Aeros. The season’s sponsored event is scheduled for Wednesday, July 9, 2003 when the Aeros host the Bowie Baysox.












All photos courtesy of Tom Wilson. Used with permission.