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2004 Joe Ungvary Sr. Memorial Golf Tournament

Approximately 60 amateur golfers gathered at Good Park Golf Course on Saturday, June 19, 2004 to pay posthumous tribute to one of the most accomplished amateur golfers in the area - Joe Ungvary Sr. It was a clear, sunny day, where top amateur golfers, friends and family of Joe Ungvary, Sr. gathered to enjoy the game that he loved.

Joe Ungvary, Sr. - Photo courtesy of Akron Beacon Journal.

Joe Ungvary Sr. had a long and distinguished list of accomplishments in his career which spanned nearly 30 years. Among those accomplishments was his winning of the 39th U. S. Senior Amateur Championship at Farmington Country Club, on the outskirts of Charlottesville, Virginia. One of Joe Ungvary Sr.’s most admirable qualities was his competitive edge. At the age of 55, Joe Ungvary Sr. won three of the first four holes and went on to a record setting 7-and-6 victory over Jerry Nelson, of Warsaw, Indiana. In that event, Nelson stated “I don’t remember anyone coming at me that hard before. Now I know how Custer must have felt.” Golf Journal, November/December, 1993 Publication of the United States Golf Association.

The Ungvary Memorial Tournament is a two man jumble event which is popular with the local amateur golfers, because it allows a number of opportunities to win, whether you’re playing a scramble, best ball, or alternating shot.

In this year’s competition, S & A’s own Brian K. Skidmore, coupled with brother Thomas A. Skidmore, tied for first in the best ball format. “One of the reasons why I participated in the Ungvary Tournament, even prior to our sponsorship, was because of the variation in format,” said Brian K. Skidmore. “This year we were able to birdie the seventh hole which is a slight dog leg right 441 yard par 4...after my tee shot, I used an 8 iron and put the ball within four feet of the cup,” he continued. “Perhaps more satisfying was that I was able to turn to my brother Tom and say ‘I guess I had to go it alone...the burden of carrying us both is getting heavy’,” Skidmore concluded.

This year, two teams tied for the win; Mike Considine and Matt Considine, and Chris Minear and Rich Slivinski. Both teams shot a -4 (67/71). The winners of the other formats are as follows:

Holes 1-6 Scramble Format

(-4) Chris Minear - Rich Slivinski
(-3) Mike Considine - Matt Considine
(-3) Jason Chadima - Brian Chadima

Holes 7-12 Best Ball Format

(-1) Tom Skidmore - Brian Skidmore
(-1) Chris Minear - Rich Slivinski
(-1) Charlie Manocchio - Chris Slates
(-1) Randy Skorman - Dean Cutlip
(-1) Rick Merrow - Dave Barnes

Holes 13-18 Alternate Shot Format

(-1) Mike Considine - Matt Considine
(-1) Fred Martin - Tom Stack

Overall 18 Hole Team Winners

67 (-4) Mike Considine - Matt Considine
67 (-4) Chris Minear - Rich Slivinski
69 (-2) Rick Merrow - Dave Barnes
70 (-1) Bart Mansdorf - George Strickler
70 (-1) Randy Skorman - Dean Cutlip
70 (-1) Dave Petracca - Jim Cea