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Attorney Eric Skidmore is Noted for Volunteer Work by ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter

The following excerpt appeared in the fall 2005 newsletter of the ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter being reproduced herein with permission.


Eric Skidmore Pitches in to Help Battle ALS.
By Judy Post

ALS1Since it has been 66 years since Lou Gehrig wore the Yankee baseball uniform, participants at the Walk to D’Feet ALS® events in Cleveland and Akron/Canton were somewhat perplexed to see him reappear.  His amazing resemblance caused many raised eyebrows, as Eric Skidmore, wearing the 1937 Yankee uniform, complete with authentic cap, glove and bat, meandered among our crowds at the Walks, chatting amiably with all.  Eric’s effortless ease with families at our events makes the appearance of “Lou” a delight for all.

Eric was drafted by a colleague to don the uniform last summer for the Aeros game when our pleas for a Lou Gehrig look-a-like went unheeded.  He was happy to do this “one-time” favor, and coincidentally proved to have an uncanny resemblance to the baseball legend.  But what Eric saw in the spirit of the patients and families he met at Canal Park fascinated and inspired him to volunteer again.  After researching Lou Gehrig on the internet, Eric purchased, piece-by-piece, the authentic 1937 uniform and equipment and jumped into the part.  Last spring, Eric spent the day at Camp ALSc talking baseball and interacting with our participants and staff.  He turned to the Cleveland Walk and the Akron/Canton Walk with a smile and good grace.


ALS3Eric Skidmore is an attorney and partner with Skidmore & Associates in Akron, Ohio.  He is the father of two children and is actively involved with their sports activities and coaching.  While he is a busy individual, he has made time in his schedule and his heart for our families.  Eric told us recently that he has gained more than he has given.  He explained that the strength and uplifting attitude of the people he has met has helped him in his law practice and in his own personal life by putting in perspective the challenges and concerns in these arenas.

“We are honored to have Eric Skidmore join us in our battle against ALS.  He has helped us to raise awareness in such a unique way.  Thank you, Eric, for your time and for the connection you have made with everyone who has met you.”