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child relocationAn often disputed issue in Ohio is the ability of a Residential Parent moving the residence of the children out of state, or to another city, causing the interruption of the other parent’s parenting time or visitation with the children. The Residential Parent may desire to move from Ohio for employment reasons; remarriage to another spouse in another location; move closer to other family members for assistance; health reasons; better schools; better neighborhoods.

If a Residential Parent and Legal custodian desire to move the residence of minor children, the parent is required to file a Notice of Intent to Relocate. The burden is upon the Custodial Parent to show the removal of the minor children is justified and in the best interest of the minor children. In some instances, the court could award custody to the parent remaining in Ohio.

Issues of child relocating can appear suddenly and you will need a child relocation attorney. Please contact our experienced and reputable Akron child relocation attorneys via email today or call 330-253-1550. Our child relocation lawyers can assess your present child relocation predicament and advise you to commence or defend a child relocation matter to secure the best interest of your children.