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Types of Marriage Termination

Akron, Summit County Divorce Lawyers

You may be deciding to terminate your marriage and thinking about options. Choosing the right attorney is the most important decision you will make. Whether you pick divorce, dissolution, or legal separation, the Akron law office of Skidmore & Associates will be able to help assist and guide you. In Ohio, there are primarily three ways to terminate your marriage:

divorce coupleDivorce:

Generally, marriage is a matrimonial contract between spouses created according to ecclesiastic or church law. There is no counter part in church law to terminate the marriage. To terminate a marriage one must rely upon Ohio statutory law (the laws passed by the Ohio legislature) and the Ohio court system. In Ohio, the power to grant a divorce rests within the County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division. A divorce is a contested proceeding, where issues of custody, parenting, child support, spousal support, allocation of debt and division of assets are determined by a court on a temporary and permanent basis.


Dissolution is the termination of a marital contract between spouses, by compromise and agreement. Dissolution is a no-fault termination, where the spouses agree on all issues concerning child support, spousal support, custody, parenting, debt allocation and asset division and incorporate the terms into a separation agreement. The separation agreement is incorporated into a decree of dissolution. Acrimony is minimized and the process is quicker and less expensive.

Legal Separation:

This process does not terminate the marital contract; however, it establishes a process to perpetuate the marriage – the spouses remain married. This is not an option if you desire to terminate the marriage. A couple may desire to continue the marriage to assure that life insurance, annuity, retirement, or payable-on-death benefits are payable to the other spouse as intended. Religious beliefs may be a consideration to choose legal separation rather than a divorce. One may choose legal separation because health care coverage may otherwise be unavailable or cost prohibitive to the other spouse if divorced. Usually the spouses are separated at the time of filing or, if not, would be required to be separated by final hearing. Issues of child support, spousal support, custody, parenting, debt allocation and asset division are made by the court on a temporary and permanent basis.

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