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Akron Child Support Attorney

Summit County Child Support Lawyers

Regardless of choosing to terminate your marriage by divorce, dissolution or separating by legal separation, if minor children are involved, child support may be awarded. In Ohio, child support payments are primarily calculated according to child support guidelines that take into account numerous factors, including the gross income of each parent, in determining child support amounts. Our law office will guide you through the technical definition and application of “Gross Income” for the purpose of calculating child support and applying the formula.

Child support - mother and sonOur Akron child support attorneys assist clients by explaining the Ohio child support calculation and may suggest a deviation or adjustment from the guidelines according to the needs of the family. Certain factors are considered and weighed relative to a deviation from the basic child support guidelines such as a child’s special needs, extraordinary costs related to parenting time, disparity of income of mother and father, benefits available to a parent of remarriage or shared living expenses, and educational needs and opportunities of the child if the parents would have remained married.

Our child support lawyers are prepared to appear in court to establish child support amounts, on a temporary and permanent basis, in a divorce, dissolution or legal separation or draft agreements taking into consideration educational, health care, and special needs of minor children.

Please contact an experienced and reputable Akron child support attorney via email today [email protected] or call 330-253-1550. Our child support lawyers offer effective and creative child support solutions.